Top-10 Lease Negotiation Tips for Tenants
John Tobin's article "Top Ten Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Tips," provides straightforward measures to help corporate real estate directors and other tenant types bargain for the best deal.  In tip two, Tobin warns, "Never give any landlord the sense that their space is the only one that works for your company.  That is when the landlord pushes the profit button."  If the prospective tenant suspects the landlord is withholding cost data, tip five recommends,  "simply remove that property from the list of competing alternatives."  As a tenant rep himself, Tobin is high on this service.  However, he counsels, "If you decide to engage a tenant representative, consider choosing one from an exclusive tenant rep commercial real estate firm."  In tip 10, the author suggests, "Talk to other office tenants directly regarding a prospective landlord's reputation in the areas of office building management and fair dealing."